Solving City Challenges through Movilization

with Actuated Interfaces and Transformation Technologies


An Exploratory Research Project 

using advance interface technologies to solve cities challenges with an active approach

Project Challenges

We aim to uncover and aliviate modern city problems, specially those requiring fast, strong or non-human action.

Research Hypothesis

Because things do not happen alone, to mitigate problems we movilize the city with transformation tecnologies and actuated interfaces.

Research Lines

Scenario Evaluation

To define problems that can be solved by actuation technologies and performing a preliminary evaluation before prototyping. We will perform problem finding workshops to identify further scenarios. We shall investigate socio-economical consecuencies such as governance and control of future system.

City-wide Interaction

Actuating a whole city presents a number of interaction issues: concurrent interaction by different actors, large scale interaction, deployment mechanisms, isolation techniques, map interfaces, geopositioning and communication platform, prevention and learning subsystems.

Personal Interaction

Interaction between individuals and actuating infrastructures presents a range of diferent issues: how actuation nodes detect nearby persons, how nodes actuate in a safe manner, how individuals are aware of nearby nodes, how individual give permissions to nearby nodes, how collaboration among persons and mobile nodes take place.


Movilization and transformation technologies permit fast, strong and non-human actions to the city. Physical mobile units shall carry to needed zones transformation units and different equipment (medical, load, TV cameras, garbage..); transformation units shall maneuver or actuate on objects to alter infrastructures (transportation, energy, ...) based on local and global needs.


Cybercity is a research project of Public University of Navarra, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Esade Business School and University of Bristol. We bring together city experts, interaction designers and software and hardware specialists. It is endorsed by Barcelona townhall.

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Prototype  1

Movilization for Emergencies

Prototype 2